No 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron

Association Newsletter

September 2015

Edition: 2/15

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Out of the DV Window
In case you might be wondering what these sprightly young(ish) chaps are doing posing so provocatively in front of a Mark II Vulcan, I’d better explain. They are not, as you might suspect, lining up in the vain hope of recapturing the vestiges of lost youth, but are in fact all members of this Association and, with just one exception, have all earned the Queen’s shilling at one time or another by flying Vulcans on 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron. From left to right they are: Nick Dennis, John Tye, John Laycock, Andy Marson, David Thomas, Barry Masefield, Mike Laycock and Phil Leckenby. The location was Wellesbourne and the occasion was a ‘Wings and Wheels’ event which took place on the 21st of June this year. A surprisingly large crowd were treated to the spectacle of Vulcan XM655 being started up and then accelerated down the runway until nose wheel lift off speed had been reached. On one of the runs no less a person than John Laycock, our Chairman, was at the controls. The unmistakable howl of the Rolls Royce Olympus 301s at full throttle evoked powerful memories for those pictured above, and an enthralled crowd lined the viewing area with ears covered. An enjoyable day out.
Taking a cue from the Volkswagon Golf, your Association has adhered to the mantra ‘evolution, rather than revolution’ and, by and large, any changes along the way have been incremental. Subtle improvements have been introduced without radical change. Indeed, it is entirely possible that some innovations may have passed entirely unnoticed. However, since the last newsletter there has been a change and, just in case any of you may not have noticed yet, we now have a website. The advantages are self-evident: faster and wider communication, the ability to publish many more photographs, freedom from the inflexibility of print and a significant reduction in distribution costs. The newsletter will, of course continue in its present form as not all members have access to the internet and some may still prefer the printed version. At the last General Meeting it was decided that henceforth the newsletter will also be incorporated into the website, with only minor formatting changes, and that the membership would be encouraged to receive it solely in this way, thus reducing the Association’s mailing costs. Members are requested to inform the Secretary of their preference so the newsletter mailing list can be amended. A proforma to this effect will be included with the reunion booking form to be included with the next edition of the newsletter.

Annual Golf Match

As a precursor to next year’s reunion, the annual Association golf match will take place at Belton Park on 3rd May. The committee felt that by de-coupling the match from the reunion weekend itself, more members should be able to take part. The organiser and tournament director is once again Kevin Lawry; anyone wishing to play in what promises be a very enjoyable event should contact him at or by mail to Piran House, 5 Pond Street, Harlaxton, Grantham, NG32 1HW. The closing date for entries is 15 April 2016.

Change of Address

The following members have changed their addresses:

Mitchel T A

Williams J F

Please see the Members’ Handbook, or contact the Secretary for details.

In this issue:

In Memoriam
In Search of Uncle Albert
The Munich Raid
Jet Age Museum
Lanc in the Lake - the Sequel
Walter Faraday’s Early RAF Life
William Farr School Museum
The International Bomber Command Centre
An Unhappy Incident
Augsburg 17 April 1942

President: Air Commodore S A Baldwin MBE

Chairman: Group Captain J Laycock (Ret’d) BA

Secretary: Squadron Leader H M Horscroft (Ret’d)
9 Church Lane, Eagle, Lincoln LN6 9DJ
Telephone: 01522 868 653

Editor: Squadron Leader P J Leckenby (Ret’d) MBE
40 Eagle Road, North Scarle, Lincoln LN6 9EW

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