A Memorial to the Crew of Lancaster R5489 at Branston

On 16
th August 1942, Lancaster R5489 crashed at Branston, near Waddington, when returning from a training flight. Two members of the crew were killed. After the war, one of the crew members, Frank Walshaw, established a good social link with the village. In recent years, members of the village, led by Thomas Clarke, have worked on creating a memorial to mark the occasion of the crash.

The area where the crash occurred is now a new development for about 200 houses and work is ongoing. Before development work started, Thomas Clarke led a team to recover items from the crash site and these are displayed at the Home Guard Club, High Street, Branston. If any member would like to see the display, please contact Thomas Clarke. His email address is thomas@clarke-net.com.

Some streets in the development will be named after all those involved in the crash and this includes two members of the village who helped to rescue the crew. Streets will be named Easom Way, Jack Fletcher Close, Fox Close, Pullinger Way, Walshaw Close, Berrigan Way, Black Court, Taylor Close and Kirk Road. A Memorial Garden will also be created as part of the new development.

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Remnants of Lancaster R5489 retrieved from the Branston crash site by the Lincolnshire Aircraft Recovery Group.